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Cascades Workshop (Basic)

3 Days to learn Cascades from the beginning

details are here

You should have a knowledge HowTo develop a mobile application, you don’t have to know C++, Qt, Cascades. Doesn’t matter if your previous development was on Android, BlackBerry Java or iOS – this workshop is for you.

So many samples out there for Cascades, but you know: writing a real-world application there’s always something missing.

We will cover all aspects you need to develop native BlackBerry 10 applications with Cascades – the best way to create cool apps for your customers / users.

At the end of the workshop you’ll go home with a complete application.

Cascades Workshop (Experts)

2 Days to become an expert to write native applications for BlackBerry 10.

details are here

You should already have experiences with Cascades and Momentics IDE or attended the Basic Workshop described above. You can combine both workshops to get it in one week done.

At the end of the Experts workshop you not only have the knowledge to write cool apps – you also know what’s important to get the ‘Built for BlackBerry‘ certification for your app and also to master BlackBerry Builder certification.

Qt for Cascades Developer

2 Days to know the differences between Cascades and Qt for Mobile and also what can be re-used.

details <TODO>

Qt for Mobile (Android, iOS) Workshops

…just in work. Register if you’re interested

ekkes Workshops

all workshops presented by ekke. ekke is member of …

BlackBerry Elite

You can download a PDF with the details and conditions:

PDF to download: ekkes-workshops flyer

You should bring your Laptop (Windows, OSX). The week before the workshop starts you’ll get an email HowTo prepare your laptop, but if you don’t have time or some trouble we can also do it all on-site.

Small groups

The groups are small – only 4 to maximum of 6 attendees.


We’re doing many hands-on examples and at the end you have a real-world-application built by yourself.

read more about this here.

There’s no wasted time: we’ll code !

Night Coding 🙂

If you like to discuss code or hack some more and not tired:


we can add some hrs night-coding with beer (or wine) and snacks for FREE 🙂


Where to Go (de)

All workshops will be in Rosenheim – a lovely city between Munich and Salzburg.

The rooms are located directly in the center of Rosenheim (“Altstadt”) at “Zur Historischen Weinlände” a nice historical building from 16th century: Restaurant, Wine Cellar and more. Enjoy the environment and great food while learning cool stuff.


Rosenheim can be reached easy by car (A8 Munich-Salzburg) or via train (40 minutes from Munich Main Station or 30 minutes from Munich East) or via Munich Airport (S8 -> Munich East + RE/IC/EC -> Rosenheim).

Where to Go (international)

If you prepare the location and organize the workshops, we can work together and I will do it in english at your site. Please ask for conditions and details.


Next Trainings

On Demand – feel free to ask

What does it cost

  • Basic Workshop, 3 Days 1.500 €
  • Experts Workshop, 2 Days 1.200 €
  • Qt for Cascades Workshop, 2 Days 1.200 €
  • Complete Week (recommended), 5 Days 2.500 €

Costs include

  • drinks (coffee, tee, soft drinks)
  • snacks, cookies
  • business lunch (soup, meal, dessert)
  • trainings – material

you have to add 19% VAT.

Payment must be done in advance, if you’re coming with collegues from same company, there’s a discount.

You can book Basic and Experts workshops together if you like it hard core 😉

Feedback from Attendees


read more about ekkescorner workshops:

part 1: Create awesome Cascades apps @ekkescorner workshops

part 2: What we have done last week

Request a training

You want to attend ? or have questions ? Please send a request:

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