APP Development for YOU

February 11, 2013 — 2 Comments


  • You need a high quality Business APP ?
  • native ?
  • x-platform ?
    • BlackBerry 10 (Cascades)
    • Android (Qt for Mobile)
    • iOS (Qt for Mobile)

Please send me your request – perhaps I’m interested to do this app for you 😉

I prefer to develop apps in a holistic way: from the idea to the final product.

Most of my APPs are ‘hidden’ at customer sites. Ask me for a Reference List.


Interested ? You need a quality app ? native ? BlackBerry 10 ? Android ? iOS ?

2 responses to APP Development for YOU


    Hi Sir,

    I wanted to thank you. I have developed quick 2 mobile application by following your guides. Your instructions were helped me a lot. Thus I am sending this mail.


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