Create Charts on-the-fly with ‘ekkes Express Charts’ for BlackBerry 10

January 30, 2014 — 2 Comments

As you know I’m writing Business Apps for BlackBerry 10 and in such apps like SerCar10  there’s always the need to display some charts in dasboards, per ex. seeing Order Entry for the last 8 quarters as a Bar Chart diagram.

So I developed this to be used in my applications.

I’m also creating countless presentations: really complex ones for my sessions at developer conferences using Keynote / PowerPoint, but also from time to time to create them on-the-go for a presentation at customer site.


Probably you already know BlackBerry EXPRESS – a cool APP to create presentations on-the-fly directly from your BlackBerry 10 device. This enables a very short workflow:

  • create the slides using BlackBerry EXPRESS (perhaps in the train on the way to customer or meeting)
  • connect your BlackBerry 10 device to HDMI (even wireless using Miracast)
  • do the high-quality (HD) and great looking presentation

BlackBerry EXPRESS allows you to insert Images, Titles, Chapters, Bullets but is missing the ability to create Charts.

I blogged about HowTo create a Bar Chart using Cascades and got a request from BlackBerry Sweden (Cascades) if I would like to write an application which can be invoked from BlackBerry EXPRESS.

I looked around at BlackBerry World for native Chart applications and didn’t found a good one certified as Built-For-BlackBerry.

Finally I created a fully customizable Chart – Creation APP and you can use it also as a standalone app or integrate into 3rdParty using Invokation framework.

There will be some blogs about the workflows HowTo use ekkes Express Charts and also some tips & tricks how it’s done from a developer POV.

Let’s start downloading the APP and taking a look at some screenshots to get an overview. ekkesExpressCharts is available at BlackBerry World as a FREE application. You can download here:


ekkesExpressCharts need a minimum OS of 10.2.0 and runs on all devices like Z10 / Z30:


Q5/Q10 (supporting ShortCuts):


You can define your Chart in detail – here’s the overview Page:


Define your Colors for background or text (Labels):


Set your column properties:


Set the padding (free space around the chart diagram:


There’s even a switch to set the correct bottom padding for BlackBerry EXPRESS. In EXPRESS you select an Image and then enter the title which is shown half transparent above the Image. leaving 113px at the bottom and it will fit perfect.

There’s an overview of all your charts from where you can directly preview/capture the image or edit the properties or export and compose a message:


Easy Data Entry allows you to create all at once: enter number of columns, title, lable, values and get the chart.


Preview always gives you feedback how the image will look like – you can rotate and test in Portrait or Landscape.

Hint: for BlackBerry EXPRESS you should always use Landscape.

Coming from BlackBerry EXPRESS inserting an Image you can select ‘ekeksExpressCharts’


then you can create or get your chart and go back to BlackBerry EXPRESS.


More Chart Types will come !

I started with two Chart types built using native cascades controls: Bar Charts and Slider Charts.

More Chart Types will come soon – also import/export as CSV

BES 10

BTW: ekkes Express Charts also is running well in Work Perimeter and Images can be stored at BlackBerry Work Drives if you’re using BES10


Please try it out and give me feedback – you can do this from inside of the app: by email (Application Menu – feedback) or using BlackBerry Channel (ekkes-corner TAB)

Have FUN and stay tuned – more detailed articles will follow soon ! Here are the first ones:

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