Conference2Go EclipseCon 2014 San Francisco

March 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

In less then 2 weeks this years Eclipse Conference will start in San Francisco.

Unfortunately I’m not there this time because exactly same week the MobileTechCon (MTC) happens in Munich, where I’ll speak at two sessions.

Of course – as all the years before – I developed the Conference2Go EclipseCon App for BlackBerry 10 devices. You can download the app from BlackBerry World here:


Here are some screenshots:


Hint: before starting with your schedule please open the settings from app menu (swipe down) and connect a calendar, a notebook, …

Here’s the Sessionlist: select the day from segmented titlebar:


Selecting a Session gives you details:


Selecting the speaker shows Bio and all the sessions. If speaker has twitter you can directly tweet with him


tapping on the room shows you the room of the session. Session-rooms are marked yellow to find them easy.


of course you can pinch & zoom


scheduled items are marked gray:


session details. you can select session as favorite. if you connected the app from settings with a Calendar, your session will inserted as event into the calendar.


Open the Calendar event directly from inside the app. please notice support of timezone: in this case I scheduled a session from germany and the app automatically created the event in Pacific Time (-8)


besides the list of sessions, there’s also a list of tracks where sessions are grouped to make it easy to find what you’re looking for:


sessions of a selected track:


from sessions or tracks you can get an overview of selected sessions


this overview shows you the rooms (x-axis) and the start- / end-time (y-axis)


you can pinch and zoom:


from the overview tap on a session to see the datails:


… and get speaker infos:


there’s also a list of speakers. you can search into the list to easy find what you’re looking for


Speaker Details:


From venue tab you can get more infos about the conference:


the floorplan and all rooms:


CheckIn via Foursquare directly from inside the app:


Open the BlackBerry Map for the conference venue:


Remember (Evernote) is integrated into BlackBerry 10. From Session details you can add Notes (Text, Image, Audio) and from Venue Tab you’ll get an overview of all your notes. The good thing: coming back home from the conference you’ll find all notes on your desktop synchronized by Evernote.


You can also jump directly to the conference website.


As you probably know: I’m doing these conferenc2go apps in my spare time.

if something is wrong: there’s a feedback action from app menu (swipe down)

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