Conference2Go Mobile Tech Conference 2014 Munich

March 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

I’m speaking at Mobile Tech Conference (MTC) in Munich and I also developed the BlackBerry 10 Conference App. You can download this app from BlackBerry World:


The APP runs on all BlackBerry 10 Devices with 10.1+, supports dark and bright theme, portrait and landscape and also shortcuts from Q5/Q10.


Before starting with the app you should go to the settings from App menu (swipe down) and connect your Calendar and Notebook.

From Home Screen you can Invite others to the app, leave a review, CheckIn via Foursquare, Open the BlackBerry Map, get all tweets on #mobiletechcon and more.


Tapping on the most left Icon shows you the Tabs to navigate throught he App:


The list of all sessions – separated by weekdays using a segmented TitleBar:


For each session you can get the details:


below the abstract you’ll find all presenters of a session. tapping on one gives you speaker details:


You can take a look at the room. the session-room is marked yellow:


from session detalis you can also add Notes (via Remember / Evernote), Tweet directly from inside the app about the session, mark the session as scheduled / favorite, open the corresponding Calendar event:


Here you see HowTo add / edit a note:


besides the sessions for tuesday, wednesday, thursday there’s also a list of the workshops from monday:


The list of Speakers:


Search for Speakers from speaker list:


get the speaker details


Besides the list of sessions and workshops there’s also a list with tracks, where the sessions are grouped by Category:


Selected tracks are grouped by day


get Session Details as usual:


from list of session presenters get speaker detail info to see bio and other sessions presented by this speaker:


The Venue Tab gives you some more infos on the conference and venue:


Floorplan and Images of all rooms:


Do your Foursquare CheckIn directly from inside the app:


get the location on BlackBerry Map:


From Session Details you can add or edit Notes (Evernote integrated) and from Venue Tab there’s an easy access to all notes you already have entered:


Open the Conference Website in Browser:


From all Pages you have access to the Application menu by swiping down from top border.

There’s an About and FAQ Website, you can give Feedback via integrated email Composer and you can edit your settings: Calendar and Notes – integration.


Give Feedback by integrated Message Composer:


Set the Calendar to be synchronized with your scheduled Sessions or the Notebook:


If a calendar is connected, you’ll find your session schedule inside your Calendar and so you’ll get a Notification in BlackBerry Hub 15 Minutes before Session starts.


From all Lists with Sessions, Workshops, Tracks or only scheduled Sessions in many cases it’s not easy to get the overview: what will happen in which room, which sessions are running at the same time or as next in a room or if there are some holes in your schedule.

That was the reason why I developed a special Overview Page. Here’s a Sessionlist from a selected track for tuesday:


From ActionBar Overflow menu you can get the Overview:


This Overview is generated dynamically from your selections – a really great way to do this using Cascades in native apps. it’s so fast that you don#t recognize the dynamic creation.

The Rooms are at x-axis and time slots are in y-axis. The height of a session container depends from duration.

You can switch to landscape if there are many rooms side-by-side. You can also pinch & zoom.


Tap on a Session Container marks this one as selected and you can get the details and do what you want: set / unset as favorite, tweet about session, get Presenters, write a noe, …


Wish you fun with Conference2Go MTC on your BlackBerry 10 Device.

As you probably know I’m doing this app in my spare time. If there are any bugs or requests please let me know using the Feedback from Application menu.

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