BBM Meetings – #1: HowTo order

December 15, 2014 — 2 Comments


BBM Meetings was introduced in November 2014 at BlackBerry Enterprise Day in San Francisco.

This Blog Series will help you to start with BBM Meetings if you’re the organizer of Meetings.

BBM Meetings is a product for Enterprise customers, but not only ….

BBM Meetings doesn’t need a BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES 10, BES 12) running !

BBM Meetings also targets Individuals, small groups or companies.

I’m an Independent Software Architect developing BlackBerry 10 Business Apps for customers all around the world and for me it’s important to discuss with partners and developers immediately. So BBM Meetings is great for me: I can meet others independent of the platform, because BBM Meetings supports:

  • OSX (10.5.8+ Snow Leopard)
  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1)
  • BlackBerry10 (OS 10.2+)
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad OS 6.0+)
  • Android (OS 4.0+)

In another part of this series I’ll explain in detail how easy it is to use BBM Meetings – even if attendees never used BlackBerry software before. (YES: BBM Meetings is a great door opener for BlackBerry)

To manage BBM Meetings we have to distinguish these roles:

  • BBM Meetings Administrator
  • BBM Meetings Host
  • BBM Meetings Attendee

Order BBM Meetings

There’s great documentation about BBM Meetings available online


From these documentation you’ll learn all about the features and HowTo attend at BBM Meetings.

You’ll also notice that you have to pay a monthly fee if you want to host meetings. (In Germany € 9,59 per month)

BlackBerry also makes it easy for you to start and offers a free 30-day-trial.


It seems there’s a huge demand and you’ll have to wait some time before getting your invitation to test BBM Meetings.

From featureset and demos at Enterprise Day in San Francisco for me it was clear I want to buy BBM Meetings to be able to host Meetings.

And there’s a way to order BBM Meetings 🙂

As you probably know the new BlackBerry (2014/2015) is strictly focused on Enterprise.

BBM Meetings is a special kind of app: on the one side it’s a great tool for Enterprises – on the other side it’s also great for ‘proactive’ consumers, freelancers, small companies or groups. I imagine there will be an easier way to buy BBM Meetings in the future, but the Enterprise way already works.

(this workflow below is working without the need to install a BES12 – in another blog series I’ll explain HowTo install and use BES12)

BlackBerry Enterprise Store

Enterprise Orders must be done from BlackBerry Enterprise Store


You can order the new BES12 or BBM Meetings. I’ll report about BES12 in another blog series.

If you never have ordered from BlackBerry Enterprise Store at first you have to register your company


As next from Enterprise Store select BBM Meetings from eBBM Suite.


Attention: As an enterprise customer you must pay the annual fee of € 115 (== € 9,59 per month) – prices for your country may differ.

Now add BBM Meetings to your Cart and follow the payment process.


From your “Hello xyz – Menu” you get access to your Subscriptions, Orders, Downloads, …)

Here are your Subscriptions:


Please note: BlackBerry also added Universal Advantage Support for you.

Hint: After placing the order you’ll get confirmation emails. Some times it takes some time – please be patient.

BlackBerry ID


For some operations BlackBerry is asking you to enter your BlackBerry ID. BlackBerry ID is FREE and if you’re an owner of a BlackBerry 10 Device you already will have a BlackBerry ID. It’s up to you if you want to use the same ID for Meetings Management or if you create a new one.

I’m a developer and so besides my personal devices I’m using many other devices to test apps with and so I’m using more then 10 BlackBerry ID’s

😉 I decided to create a special BlackBerry ID to manage BBM Meetings and other (upcoming) enterprise software .

Here you can register for you BlackBerry ID:

Important: To be able to use this BB ID with BBM Meetings you must verify the email address. Simply click on the link, wait for the email and reply.


Again: it can take some time before getting the mail.

Now you have ordered your BBM Meetings 🙂

Next part of this series will explain HowTo manage users.



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    Some times it takes some time – please be patient. !!!
    How much?
    I have waiting 48 hours

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