BBM Meetings – #2: HowTo manage users

December 15, 2014 — 2 Comments

#1 of this blog series explained HowTo order BBM Meetings from BlackBerry Enterprise Store.

BlackBerry Identity Enterprise Admin Console

Now as you’re a lucky owner of BBM Meetings you’ll get an invitation mail as administrator:


If you followed #1 of this series you know that you need a BlackBerry ID to sign in:


If you still don’t have a BlackBerry ID you can register a new one directly from this site. Don’t forget to verify the mail address !

BlackBerry ID enables you to get access to a brandnew console: the BlackBerry Identity Enterprise Admin Console. The first product managed by this console is BBM Meetings.


Tap on “Admin”


From here you can see your Enterprise name, Users and Entitlements. If you need help -besides your profile name you’ll find the ‘Help’ button:


‘Help’ gives you access to a manual as pdf:


from ‘Entitlements’ you get a quick overview about your admins and users:


Invite Users (Hosts)

To invite new users click on BBM Meetings –> Invite Users and enter the email address.

Users in this context are users able to HOST BBM Meetings. Hosting can be done from all supported platforms (OSX, Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry10). Host – Users must have created a BlackBerry ID. If they’re hosting from BlackBerry 10 they’ll already have their BB ID, if hosting from iOS or Android and already a user of BBM or BBM Meetings they also will have a BB ID – in all other cases they have to create a new one.

As soon as you have invited a user, your dashboard will change:


Invited users will get an email like this one:


From here they can sign in with their BlackBerry ID – or create a new one.


After login the user gets access to the BlackBerry Identity Enterprise User Console, which looks similar to the Admin Console:


There’s nothing more to manage for the user.


Clicking on the BBM Meeting Icon opens the BBM Meetings website. Now the user can learn about BBM Meetings.

Scrolling down there are the download links for PC or Mac or mobile app stores:


Host BBM Meetings from OSX

After downloading and installing BBM Meetings on OSX you’ll get this:


From here you can attend meetings or host your own. To be able to host meetings click on ‘Login’ (Anmelden)

Only the first time you must login using your BlackBerry ID:


Then you’ll get access to the Meetings Host Menu on OSX:


You can start an Audio Meeting, Video Meeting or schedule Meetings.

Host BBM Meetings from mobile Devices

Here’s the workflow from a BlackBerry 10 device, but it’s similar for iOS or Android devices.

At first download BBM Meetings from BlackBerry World (if not already done)


BBM Meetings needs access to ‘Capture Screen’ if you want to share your screen with others and also to your Contact Info:


To start a Meeting the very first time you must login:


Sign in with your BlackBerry ID:


then enter your name for meetings:


add a photo:


and you’re ready to host your first BBM Meeting:


HowTo host BBM Meetings will be explained in part #3 of this series.

(Host) User Management

The BBM Meetings Administrator get’s an ooverview of his users from the Identity Console:


Good to know:

A (Host) User can only be added to ONE Identity Console – you must remove the user before another admin from another company can add again.

If you’re working on a PC at work, a MacBookPro at home and also use a BlackBerry 10 plus an iPad – then on all your devices you can log in with your Host user BlackBerry ID – this means: the Host user BB ID must not be the same as the BB ID from your mobile device.

Starting a BBM Meeting from one of your devices – per ex. from OSX and then also from your BlackBerry 10 – BBM Meetings knows that you’re the same person and automatically joins to your running conference.

In part #3 I will explain in detail HowTo host a BBM Meeting.


2 responses to BBM Meetings – #2: HowTo manage users


    Pls if u re invited to bbm meeting and you want to exit yourself frm the meeting chat,how do you go abt it?


      there’s a button leave conference:
      on a phone on top besides the meeting ID the red phone icon: tap it and a dialog asks if you want to leave the meeting

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