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April 6, 2016 — Leave a comment

Edited 2016-06-05: In the meantime with Qt 5.7 RC and Qt Creator 4.0 some screenshots look slightly different.

Edited 2016-04-28:

You should have read my Qt Intro before going on.

Please open Qt Creator –> Preferences


It would take some time to explain all the settings. We’ll do this step-by-step while developing mobile APPs next weeks.

Here are some important settings you should do before start.

Set your language


Qt Creator supports many languages and by default will open using your locale.

For me developing software I got a better feeling using english for the IDE.

From Preferences -> Environment -> Interface you can set the language.

Build and Run

Please check Build and Run Settings. From my POV it’s a good idea to see what happens while a project was compiled and deployed to / run on a mobile device:


There’s also the path to your build directory, which is by default outside your projects at root of your working directory.

External Tools – Linguist

There are some important settings to open Qt Linguist directly from inside Qt Creator and HowTo update translatable Strings-

This is covered in HowTo Translations (i18n) – going on to the next sites you’ll read about.

Configure for Android


If you followed my blog you already have installed Android SDK and NDK.

Take a look at Preferences -> Android -> Android Configurations. JDK, SDK and NDK locations should point to the correct folder.

There’s also a checkbox to enable Gradle instead of Ant. Gradle is the recommended configuration.

Now we can verify if our installation and settings are correct and run a first application on a real device.

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