Patch Qt 5.6.0

April 8, 2016 — Leave a comment

While testing Qt 5.6.0 and qt.labs.controls on Android and iOS I noticed a problem.

Please take a look at this screenshot:


qt.labs.controls provide three styles: Material, Universal, Default. Controls are different but should have similar size.

As you can see the text in Material style is too small. So I reported a bug:

Bug was fixed soon by J-P Nurmi πŸ™‚


As I reported the bug, branch 5.6.0 was already freezed, so the fix is in current 5.6 branch: 5.6.1

If you installed 5.6 you probably got 5.6.0.

You can verify your version from Qt Creator –> Preferences –> Build & Run –> Qt Versions


If you want to do some real apps from Qt 5.6.0 you should patch your installed Qt Version.

Qt is Open Source – so it’s no problem to get the changed module πŸ™‚

From the bug you can get the info of the affected component (qt/qtquickcontrols2) and the branch (5.6) where it was fixed:


Now it’s easy to patch.

Hint: you must do this for all installed kits – so I have done it for Android and iOS.

Open a Terminal and do this to patch the Android Kit:

export ANDROID_NDK_ROOT=/your_path_to/android-ndk-r10e
cd /your-path-to-store-cloned-repo_android
git clone --branch 5.6 git://
cd qtquickcontrols2
make install

and similar for iOS:

cd /your-path-to-store-cloned-repo_ios
git clone --branch 5.6 git://
cd qtquickcontrols2
make install

thanks @jpnurmi helping me to make this work.

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