Qt World Summit 2016 Conference App

October 14, 2016 — 6 Comments

Qt World Summit App at the App Stores

Android 4.3 or greater for Phones and Tablets from Google Play Store:


iOS 8.2 or greater for iPhone or iPads from Apple App Store:


Amazon Fire OS or BlackBerry10 on Amazon App Store:


Windows Store:


Sourcecode at Github: https://github.com/ekke/c2gQtWS_x

Some Screenshots






Session Detail


Floorplan on PixelC Tablet:



6 responses to Qt World Summit 2016 Conference App


    Hi ekke, just a note – you may create a wordpress article and save it as a draft without publishing instead of making these “work in progress” stubs. It’s not a big deal but whenever you publish, people using RSS readers get a notification but the post just says “work in progress” so there’s nothing to read. When you update it later, it does not show up in RSS though and your viewers need to remember to visit again in the future, which isn’t really convenient.


      thx. at the moment this article is only a placeholder, so the link from inside the app will find it. haven’t found the time to edit the article yet. will do this when I’m back from the conference.


    Good work.. it’s looks nice and cool
    You post is really helping me with Qt QML and i cant wait to start building my own enterprise application


      It will be awesome if you can also add rounded image to the application. It will give it unique impression and set it a apart from regular rectangular images from the previous edition….

      Good work!


        round images are looking good, but in this case I wanted to match the square images from Qt World Summit Website.


    This is awesome. I’m just started to study QML and I hope that studying this app of yours will help improve my learning curve, which has been painfully slow…

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