Welcome to appBUS

appbus is the home of ekkes apps built for BlackBerry 10 – Cascades and Qt for mobile (Android / iOS / W10)

  • see how ekkes apps are designed and learn about the app-workflows
  • learn about Cascades and Qt from a POV as a developer
  • get tips and tricks on native app development for BB10 and Qt (Android, iOS, W10)
  • how are the apps connected to backend, push services, web portals ?
  • how to use DSL’s as Domain Specific Languages for mobile APPs
  • need trainings ? ekke provides workshops and bootcamps
  • need an app ? ekke does international development of mobile apps with customers located worldwide

more infos on ekkes work:

ekkes is BlackBerry Platin Enterprise Partner and member of ….

BlackBerry Elite

about ekke

About ekke



APP Development for YOU

APP Development

ekkes apps: Conference2Go JAX

Conference2Go JAX

ekkes apps: Conference2Go EclipseCon

Conference2Go EclipseCon

Built for BlackBerry

Conference2Go EclipseCon is
Built for BlackBerry

ekkes apps: OpenDataSpace


Built for BlackBerry

OpenDataSpace is
Built for BlackBerry

ekkes apps: AllAboutMyB-101


ekkes-apps: TeaTimer

ekkes TeaTimer

ekkes-apps: ServiceCars