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Cascades Client for OpenDataSpace

OpenDataSpace just got some updates: most important one is the support of BlackBerry Q10 with physical keyboard.

We also added an Action to ApplicationMenu: FAQ, where you find answers for your questions or can add new questions.

Here are some screenshots, so you can imagine how it looks on the Q10.

Screenshots on the device are made using Heiko Behrens ShapeItApp

Login into OpenDataSpace:


Some DataRooms and Content listed on Q10:



All the functionality from Touch devices like Peek-back are also available on Q10 of course:


As you can see, on Q10 OpenDataSpace is using a dark theme, where on the Z10 we’re using the bright one. It’s recommended to use a dark theme because of the OLED and will give you more battery power.

OpenDataSpace now also has specific Images as Scene Cover if minimized (running in background):


OpenDataSpace is available from BlackBerry World

the app is FREE and there’s also a FREE account from ods for up to 5 users and 2 GB Data Space.

Sources are available at Github (Open Source)

OpenDataSpace is Built For BlackBerry


great news:

my OpenDataSpace Application now is Built For BlackBerry certified 🙂



OpenDataSpace is available from BlackBerry World

and all Sources are OpenSource at Github.


September 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

OpenDataSpace is an Open Source Client Application to access the OpenDataSpace (ODS) Cloud.

You’ll find the sources at Github:

The ODS Cloud is FREE for up to 2 GB Dataspace and up to 5 Users.

You can register your Account here:

The first developer Previews of OpenDataSpace are focused on Cascades UI and Navigation – there are some Videos about this:

First Developer Preview:

Second Developer Preview:

3rd Developer Preview (submitted 2012-11-07 to AppWorld):

Following parts are work-in-progress:

  • Notifications
  • BBM Integration
  • Server Communication

and will follow next weeks. Goal is a feature-complete Application before Launch of BB10.

OpenDataSpace tries to follow the Cascades UI Design Guide 100%.

Developer Previews are only available on AppWorld for Dev Alpha Devices running OS 10.0.9 or greater.