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If you already have installed Android from Android Studio or Eclipse, you’re done.

If not we don’t need an extra IDE – complete development workflow can be done from Qt Creator, if Android SDK and Android NDK are installed.

Please download SDK from here. Select the Installer for your OS:

UPDATE 2017-03-02: Attention: Google has changed the structure of SDK.

See QTBUG-59236 for the details. Latest working SDK version is 25.2.5 – here are the download links:




Follow the instructions:


GoTo the folder where you installed the Android SDK and search for /tools/android and double-click to start:


Now select what you need. I selected API 22 (Android 5.1.1) – currently running on BlackBerry PRIV and API 23 (Android 6):


Now it can take some time to get it all installed.

Optional you can download and install ANT.


Qt can use ANT or Gradle to deploy to Android devices.

As last step we must download and install the Android NDK:


Select the right version for your OS:

Attention: there are problems with newer releases. At the moment you MUST use the r10e !


Follow the instructions:


That’s all to enable you to develop Android APPs from Qt.

Another article explains HowTo prepare your Android Device.

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It’s a good idea to become a member of the Apple Developer Program (99 USD p.a.), but since Xcode 7 you can start testing your apps without a paid membership.


Apple’s Developer Program gives you access to many resources.


Clicking on ‘Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles’ opens a page from where you can learn about all of this:


As next you need Apple’s IDE to be able to compile and deploy Apps to your iPhone or iPad: Xcode. Search for Xcode inside the OSX App Store and install it:


Open Xcode and create a workspace.

Other articles explain HowTo prepare for Android OS and HowTo prepare your iPhone device.

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