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Update 2017: In the meantime I’m testing all secure BlackBerry Android Devices: BlackBerry PRIV, DTEK50, DTEK60 (and waiting for the new KEYone

To prepare BlackBerry 10 Devices is easy: GoTo Settings –> Security –> DeveloperMode to switch on.

Want to know HowTo prepare an iPhone for Development ? Find some hints here.

If you’re coming from BlackBerry and just start with Android Development for BlackBerry PRIV, here’s HowTo enable the device for development:

GoTo Settings –> About Phone and Tap 5 times on ‘Build Number’:



You’ll get a confirmation that you’re now using the device as a developer:


Going back to Settings you’ll find a new Topic: Developer Options:


Please open the Developer Options and switch USB-Debugging on:


That’s all: you’re done 🙂

BlackBerry DTEK APP will always remember you that developer options and USB Debugging are switched ON:


From here you can tap on ‘Developer’ and directly go to the Settings if you want to change this.

Now your BlackBerry PRIV Device is ready for Qt Development.

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My blog series will demonstrate how easy it is to develop mobile apps x-platform using Qt 5.6+. So maybe you’re experienced with BlackBerry 10 or Android but not iOS.

Here are some hints HowTo prepare you iOS Device for development. (Want to know HowTo prepare an Android Device like BlackBerry PRIV ? see here)

Open Xcode –> Settings –> Accounts to add an account using your Apple ID. If you don’t have an ID create it here.


Then you can add the Account and create a Development Team:


Click on ‘View Details’ from your Account. Now you can create your Developer Certificates: click on ‘Create’ for iOS Development and Distribution. You don’t need a membership if you only want to test your APP on a real device. This changed with Xcode 7.



The easiest way to test if all works: Create a new project and build it. There will be an error and a Button ‘Fix Issue’:


Select the Development Team


Attach your iOS Device to your Mac so Xcode can identify the device:


Now you’re done – that’s all you need to deploy Qt APPs to your iPhone.

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