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OpenDataSpace is an Open Source Client Application to access the OpenDataSpace (ODS) Cloud.

You’ll find the sources at Github:

The ODS Cloud is FREE for up to 2 GB Dataspace and up to 5 Users.

You can register your Account here:

The first developer Previews of OpenDataSpace are focused on Cascades UI and Navigation – there are some Videos about this:

First Developer Preview:

Second Developer Preview:

3rd Developer Preview (submitted 2012-11-07 to AppWorld):

Following parts are work-in-progress:

  • Notifications
  • BBM Integration
  • Server Communication

and will follow next weeks. Goal is a feature-complete Application before Launch of BB10.

OpenDataSpace tries to follow the Cascades UI Design Guide 100%.

Developer Previews are only available on AppWorld for Dev Alpha Devices running OS 10.0.9 or greater.

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