Install Qt 5.6

April 4, 2016 — 2 Comments

Update 2016-06-04: Qt 5.7 RC is out – here’s the blog HowTo Install.

Update: 2016-04-21 Qt 5.7 Beta is out. I have written a blog post HowTo install the Beta:

Hint: some screenshots are from Qt 5.6 RC – the final 5.6 release install process looks similar.

This blog post only covers ‘Qt for Application Development‘ focussed on mobile APP Development.

Qt can also be used for ‘Device Creation‘.

Qt is Open Source and also provides commercial licenses. Before downloading / installing Qt you should think about the right license for your apps. Please take a look at Qt FAQ‘s and also my blog post about licensing and the new license for small Startups and Independent Developers.

Qt 5.6 will be installed using an online installer.

Qt 5.6 Open Source Online Installer

You’ll get the Installer from


Select the Installer for your OS and download the small Online Installer.

The installation workflow will be similar to commercial license described in more detail:

Qt 5.6 Commercial Online Installer

If you don’t have a license yet you can try out Qt commercial 30 days for free from this site – simply fill out the formular.


For small Startups or Independent Developers I recommend this new license. See here if you qualify.


You already have a Qt Account or bought a license ? Then log into your Qt Account and download from there.


Installing Qt 5.6

Doubleclick the Installer. Here’s the one I got for OSX:


Now follow the instructions. Only for the commercial version you must log into your Qt Account, but I recommend always to use your Account.


You don’t have an Account ? You can create one directly from the Installer.



Select a folder where Qt 5.6 should be installed:


Select the components you need.


You should deselect all deprecated stuff, because we just start Qt development with 5.6

Also deselect the Cloud Services, because they will be discontinued.

Important: Qt Labs Controls (TP – Tech Preview) must be selected.


Start the installation process and wait …


It will need some time until you’ll get the message that Installation is finished.


Congrats: Now Qt 5.6 is installed and you’re ready to start mobile development πŸ™‚

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2 responses to Install Qt 5.6


    To build for iOS whether need to have installed Xcode?


      yep -a requirement by Apple. Please read in Qt Forums about some problems and HowTo solve with XCode 8 and Qt 5.7 caused by changes Apple did between XCode 7.3 and 8.x

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