Qt for x-platform mobile development

April 8, 2016 — 11 Comments

Qt for Mobile Business Apps

I want to motivate other mobile APP developers to try out Qt for mobile and decided to publish a blog series. If you are an Android, BlackBerry 10 or iOS developer these articles are for you ! See also the Video about Qt – x-platform development at the bottom of this page if you need an appetizer.


Video MobileTechCon 2016 Munich

My talk at MobileTechCon gives you a first overview and explains in detail why I – besides BlackBerry 10 – am using Qt 5.6+ for native x-platform development.


11 responses to Qt for x-platform mobile development


    Good series. I hope to see your up coming article and demo soon

      ekkescorner May 4, 2016 at 12:29

      thx. I’m working on next articles and videos (in my spare time besides business app development)


    Great! Very helpful! Thank You!


    Thank, very nice


    Great blog post… Really helpful…It will be helpful if you can post Demo apps which uses cloud backend to store/retrieve data.


    I found very interesting your crossplatform samples.
    But to build for iOS I must have some MacOS computer?


      yes – a requirement by Apple. Qt generates a Xcode project and also runs the app directly from Qt Creator, but Xcode is needed. Similar for Windows: Xcode generates a VS project. I’m working on OSX and run Windows in VM to test both worlds.

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